XB-Liebig is an autonomous free space collective, supporting, amongst others, the ideas of D.I.Y., feminism and queer, in Liebigstraße 34 in Berlin / F-hain, downstairs of the Anarcha-Feminist-Queer-Social- Living-House-project L34 and nex to the Infoshop ‚Daneben‘. XB-Liebig is founded on the ideas of Do-It-Yourself and consenus.

Different social events like bar/cafés/brunches, parties, workshops, meetings, cinema, subversive dressup sessions, etc are being organised either by the collective itself or by anyone who wants to get involved. It’s up to the people using this space, which means – you too!

If you want to participate just come to our meeting every Monday at 19:00 (7pm) or send us an e-mail to xb (at) riseup (dot) net .

What we strictly don‘t accept and are fighting against, are any forms of discrimination. Homo/transphobia, racism, sexism, lookism (this list could go on) are not welcome here!.

PS There is a lot of cool links concerning queer and feminist politics on the Liebig 34 homepage – check it out!

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