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xb <![CDATA[Program about XB on Colaboradio]]> http://xb.blogsport.de/2018/05/14/program-about-xb-on-colaboradio/ 2018-05-14T10:26:28Z 2018-05-14T10:26:28Z News The old-school broadcasting will take place next tuesday 15.5.2017 12:00 – 13:00
Blue Print Radio on Colaboradio as a part of the „Freies Radio Berlin“,
on air at:

88,4 Berlin 90,7 Potsdam, streaming: http://ice.rosebud-media.de:8000/88vier

It will be available online at the BluePrint mix cloud
(https://www.mixcloud.com/ReflektorRadio/) and

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We’re back!
Yes The Sunday Matinee is back and due to the eviction of the XB Collective from XB LIebig on Liebigstr on November 2017, the matinee had to find a new home.
This took a little bit to but we’re very happy to announce our comeback and to start a new season of monthly events at beloved Internet Explorer in Neukölln.

The first Matinee of 2018 will be on Sunday 13 of May with a killer line up:
-Naked Straight Edgers on Coke

Jot it down on your calendar, t-h-i-r-t-e-e-n-o-f-m-a-y, yeah, Sunday and yes indeed at 4PM, Internet Explorer. If you don’t know where the place is, drop us a message we’ll let you know in no time!

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auf der Lohmühle
Lohmühlenstraße 17, 12435 Berlin

ab 18 uhr gibt es küfa & feuer
ab 19 uhr beginnt das programm


Flusspluss & Alice Murace
(Synth Experimental ft. Visuals)

Ann Antidote & Notorische Ruhestörung
(Noise & Bondage)

Mats Dimming, Rieko Okuda and Antti Virtaranta
(Free Jazz xperimental)

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03.01.2018, Beginn um 22 Uhr
sama cafe, Samariterstrasse 32