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Bands for August are scheduled!
This time from NYC Zack Philips. Then, Berlin locals and xbsundaymatinee graduate We’re All Made of Snow aka Tom Moore of Eyelashes and Jane of Razor Cunts new spoken word project. Least but not last, a very special guest, a real berlin musical treat and a surprise… come by and find out!
To keep us company and fed, taqueria vegana Los Nopales will be with us once again!
Where and when? Same place, same time, same second Sunday of the month!

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Come and celebrate Simon’s birthday, check out some cool bands and stuff yourself with vegan tacos from Los Nopales on July 8!
There’ll be some really exciting sets by three top Berlin acts.
In no particular order:

- glitterandash
Since the spring of 2018 glitterandash has been repurposing feminine household objects into tools of sonic DEATH. Using a pumice stone, a nail file, her own vibrator and a secret weapon, glitterandash makes atmospheric and rhythmic skullscapes of sound with an electric guitar and effects.

- Hit Gib is here for you! A tailor-made talisman reveling in easy innuendos, loquacious and spacious in its demands. Sick trips and time spent in lecherous congress, the focal point being a neurotic tightrope walk between the nothing chamber and the innocent air carved out of negative space.


- Lake Felix
LF started as one-woman psych-rock project that recently expanded to the duo format: guitar/drum. It deploys rhythm guitar loops and angular guitar riffs interlocked with pounding drums juxtaposed to jazz syncopations. The songs are difficult to pin down, but to give an idea think of intensively delivered psych-blues ballads colored by electronics, field recording, alien sounds, beats, and haunting voice-scapes. Yet, that’s not it. Have a look here:

Doors and tacos from 4pm, music soon after!

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xb <![CDATA[Program about XB on Colaboradio]]> http://xb.blogsport.de/2018/05/14/program-about-xb-on-colaboradio/ 2018-05-14T10:26:28Z 2018-05-14T10:26:28Z News The old-school broadcasting will take place next tuesday 15.5.2017 12:00 – 13:00
Blue Print Radio on Colaboradio as a part of the „Freies Radio Berlin“,
on air at:

88,4 Berlin 90,7 Potsdam, streaming: http://ice.rosebud-media.de:8000/88vier

It will be available online at the BluePrint mix cloud
(https://www.mixcloud.com/ReflektorRadio/) and

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We’re back!
Yes The Sunday Matinee is back and due to the eviction of the XB Collective from XB LIebig on Liebigstr on November 2017, the matinee had to find a new home.
This took a little bit to but we’re very happy to announce our comeback and to start a new season of monthly events at beloved Internet Explorer in Neukölln.

The first Matinee of 2018 will be on Sunday 13 of May with a killer line up:
-Naked Straight Edgers on Coke

Jot it down on your calendar, t-h-i-r-t-e-e-n-o-f-m-a-y, yeah, Sunday and yes indeed at 4PM, Internet Explorer. If you don’t know where the place is, drop us a message we’ll let you know in no time!

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