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Statement of XB collective concerning the eviction on Oct 15th 2017

Disclaimer: This text employs „they“ also as a gender neutral singular pronoun.

Inhabitants of a feminist housing project evict the anarchist, feminist venue on ground floor violently on Oct 15th 2017. A conflict had escalated, the inhabitants refused to communicate with the collective of the venue. An important leftist cultural venue is being destroyed by structures who consider themselves as leftists.

Berlin, Oct 18th 2017

So far, there was a house project on Liebigstraße 34, consisting of the collective of inhabitants, called L34 collective below, the collective of the venue XB-Liebig, called XB-collective below, and the collectives of the info shop as well as the rehearsal space.

On Sunday afternoon a group of people intruded into the rooms of XB-Liebig and grabbed the only present member of XB collective by their hands, feet and their neck using physical violence to carry them out onto the street.

Other members of the collective received the information about the incident and gathered in front of the house. Executors as well as supporters of the eviction, among them some inhabitants of the house project R94, had taken position in front of the house wearing masks and were also present inside L34.

The members of L34 collective were then asked to return private and personal items from inside XB. This demand was only met in individual cases; they let us know that there would be no discussion with us. The sound system which was an item on loan was held up till Tuesday. At least 25 persons are concerned by the eviction of the collective.

In the statement that was published 40 minutes later on Indymedia, very harsh, not proofed and indefensible reproaches were produced against the entire collective.
We are shocked by these diffuse reproaches and would like to make a statement about them. Of course, our collective defines itself as anti-fascist, anti-racist, anti-homophobic and anti-sexist*. It is rather the case that individuals from L34 collective escalated an ongoing conflict.
A conflict, which contrarily to the statement from the inhabitants of L34, indeed resulted mainly from personal conflicts.
Not for the first time, inter-personal trouble was utilized to demand unmistrusted solidarity instrumentalizing allegedly political reasons to create front-lines.

Caused by a house internal conflict, individual inhabitants of the house withdrew from XB. Therefore, new members joined the collective to be able to handle the work load.
We wanted existing conflicts between the house and the XB collective to get resolved and wanted to avoid the creation of new ones. That is why we invited the individuals from L34, to do a plenum with us to find a consent on a permanent cooperation to respect their safer space. We put the demands L34 collective expressed there into practice and received the feedback from a representative of the house that there were no further complaints about the security for L34.

XB collective constantly put a lot of effort into taking care of the guests and artists responsibly, we had an open ear and kicked out people who acted in a discriminatory way. Providing a safer space in public will always be a constant process, we fight for this kind of free space. XB is a separate room in Liebigstraße 34 from which the living space cannot be reached without a key. During the events XB collective members were always present in the hallway and by the main gate to also provide the safer space in the commonly used hallway.

Unfortunately there was no direct communication happening since the common plenum about problems between the L34 collective and XB. Ever since, complaints and information for us got lost in the information hierarchy of the house. Nobody from the house came to our plenum, instead we heard about isolated rumors. There were none or only sparse replies to inquiries.

During the past months, we were confronted with increasing attacks from L34. A calendar used for communication with the house was removed over night; the lock of the main door of XB was destroyed by super glue; the dog of an inhabitant active in XB was found with spray paint in it’s face; collective members found their bike tires punctured after making statements on various plenums; on a festival which was originally conceptualized together with the inhabitant collective items were thrown onto the guests in the yard we used based on mutual agreement.

More about this in our call for help, dating back to November 2016:

There was an WLTI* night which the inhabitants of today were not participating in. When the person running this night for over 10 years tried to do her shift in the info shop on Tuesday, she was not admitted.

Just like another former and at present pregnant house inhabitant, who was kicked out last Saturday within one week’s notice without sustainable reasons, another member of L34 who participates in XB collective has to dread collective punishment inside her own home.

This means that all the collective members independently from their individual backgrounds are being incriminated with a collective guilt. In the afore mentioned case, there was no official communication and the sacking happened within a time frame when all the flatmates who could have supported their fellow inhabitant were foreseeably out of town.

This kind of approach we know from evictions organized by the state!

The eviction of XB-Liebig was carried out and supported by a huge amount of external people. Some of them were masked, pretty macho and consciously angst-inducing and martial – for all members of XB collective, independently from gender and whereabouts. There was no physical resistance from us. In the evening, the protagonists positioned themselves outside the house with base ball bats which maintained the intimidating character of the action.

We perceive this behavior as boundary crossing since this intrudes the safer space of our collective and of individual inhabitants of the house and withdraws it from them violently.
Therefore, we can no longer understand how L34 collective wants to maintain or create a safer space.

We have to admit that it is very difficult to differentiate this conflict. We repeatedly put a lot of effort into changing the situation.

The members of L34 collective generally refused to communicate with us. Important information reached us only via rumors. Official, written replies such as emails or SMS did not exist.

A member of our collective, who has been living in the house for over ten years was responsable for trying to renew the rental agreement until it turned out that the house collective (without having an internal consent about it) contrarily to XB was not ready to participate in negotiations. Even worse, all those who were in favor of renewing the contract were removed from the house, in some cases even using force.

The main difference between the concept of L34 and of XB is that L34 practices separatist exclusive feminism (which was only established after a subtle change of structure) whereas XB stands for feminism with an inclusive character which wants to let everybody participate regardless of their gender identity.
In the name of this exclusive feminism, violence was used, the private space of individuals was intruded, people’s homes were withdrawn from them because of their subjective opinions, three pregnant persons were kicked out and a wonderful project was destroyed.

In L34, hierarchies were created, not all of the present day inhabitants are being included when it comes to discussions and decision making. We as anarchists* disagree on that.

This action has been planned for a long time, independently from how much effort we put into meeting the group consent.

We got to know a long time ago that a group of people had conspiratively discussed an eviction of XB on a secret meeting on June 15th at 2pm.

Ever since, we could have prepared against an evictions by the inhabitants. However, we wanted to act free of violence and de-escalating at any moment, and were hoping because of the positive feedback that the L34 collective would continue the communication so things could develop. In a way, that L34 inhabitants could restart to participate in XB collective and organize their own feminist events, so we could have a better relationship again.

We are sad that the communication we would have needed before now has to take place on Indymedia.

The L34 collective has acted against the sanctity of the home in such a strong way that our trust is ruined completely and a cooperation with the present day house collective is impossible.

We wish that the members of L34 collective reflect about their destructive behavior.

The L34 collective and individuals from R94 collective verifiably used physical and psychological violence and obviously expected the same kind of behavior from us as they wrote: „We do not know what will happen and how XB will react, so we do not know what kind of support we need. We demand solidarity!!!“

We know what kind of support we need – we invite you all to come to our next Soliparty.
Visit our blog:

If you have questions about the conflict of about the collective, write to

Private feuds are crappy, support each other, there are enough problems on this planet!

XB-Kollektiv am 15.10.17 geräumt

Bewohner eines feministischen Hausprojekts räumen am 15.10.17 das anarchistische, feministische Veranstaltungskollektiv aus dem Erdgeschoss gewaltsam. Im Vorfeld eskalierte ein Konflikt, die Hausbewohner verweigerten im Rahmen dessen die Kommunikation mit dem Veranstaltungskollektiv. Ein wichtiger linkskultureller Ort wird damit von Strukturen, die sich als links begreifen zerstört.


Berlin, 18. Oktober 2017

In der Liebigstr. 34 gab es bis dato ein Hausprojekt, bestehend aus dem Bewohnenden-Kollektiv, folgend L34-Kollektiv, dem Kollektiv des Veranstaltungsraumes XB-Liebig, folgend XB-Kollektiv und dem Kollektiv des Infoladens sowie des Proberaums.

Sonntag Nachmittag drang eine Gruppe Menschen gewaltsam in die Räumlichkeiten des XB-Liebig ein und trug das einzig anwesende, sich dort alleine aufhaltende XB-Kollektivmitglied an Händen, Füßen und Hals unter Zuhilfenahme körperlicher Gewalt vor das Haus.

Andere XB-Kollektivmitglieder wurden über diesen Vorfall informiert und sammelten sich vor dem Haus. Durchführende und Unterstützende der Rausschmiss-Aktion, darunter einige Bewohnende des Hausprojekts R94, hatten sich teilweise maskiert vor dem Haus aufgestellt und befanden sich auch in der L34.

Im Anschluss wurden die Menschen des L34-Kollektivs im Eingangsbereich durch Mitglieder des XB-Kollektivs zur Herausgabe persönlicher bzw. privater Gegenstände aus dem XB-Liebig aufgefordert. Dieser Aufforderung wurde nur in geringem Umfang nachgekommen; es wurde uns zu verstehen gegeben, dass mit uns nicht diskutiert würde. Die Herausgabe des Soundsystems, das nur eine Leihgabe an uns war, wurde bis Dienstag verweigert. Mindestens 25 Menschen sind von dem Rauswurf des Kollektivs betroffen.

In dem 40 Minuten darauf veröffentlichten Statement auf Indymedia wurden sehr heftige, nicht belegte und unhaltbare Vorwürfe gegen das komplette XB-Kollektiv vorgebracht.
Wir sind entsetzt von den diffusen Vorwürfen, die uns vom L34-Kollektiv gemacht werden und möchten dazu natürlich Stellung nehmen. Unser Kollektiv versteht sich selbstverständlich als anti-faschistisch, anti-rassistisch, anti-homophob und anti-sexistisch*. Vielmehr eskalierten Menschen aus dem L34-Kollektiv mit dieser Aktion einen seit einiger Zeit anhaltenden Konflikt.
Einen Konflikt, der entgegen der Darstellung der L34-Bewohnenden sehr wohl zu einem wesentlichen Teil aus persönlichen Konflikten resultierte.
Hier wurden nicht zum ersten mal persönliche Streitigkeiten zum Anlass genommen, sich unhinterfragte Solidarität mit Hilfe der Instrumentalisierung angeblicher politischer Gründe zur Frontenbildung zu verschaffen.

Infolge eines der hausinternen Konflikte zogen sich einzelne Hausbewohner aus dem XB zurück. Daraufhin schlossen sich neue Mitglieder dem Kollektiv an, um den Organisationsaufwand zu bewerkstelligen.
Wir wollten, dass bestehende Streitigkeiten zwischen Haus- und XB-Kollektiv beigelegt werden und keine neuen entstehen. Darum luden wir die Menschen aus der L34 dazu ein, mit uns ein Plenum abzuhalten, um einen Konsens und eine permanente Zusammenarbeit zu finden, ihren safer space zu respektieren. Wir haben die dort geäußerten Forderungen des L34-Kollektivs umgesetzt, und von einer Delegierten vom Haus das Feedback bekommen, dass es keine weiteren Beschwerden bezüglich der Sicherheit für die L34 gab.

Die XB-Kollektivmitglieder haben sich vorher wie nachher viel Mühe gegeben, sich verantwortungsvoll um alle Gäste und Kunstschaffenden zu kümmern, waren ansprechbar und haben Leute rausgeschmissen, die sich diskriminierend verhalten haben. Einen safer space in einem öffentlichen Raum zu gewährleisten wird immer ein andauernder Prozess sein, für diesen Freiraum kämpfen wir.
Das XB ist ein separater Raum in der Liebigstraße 34, von dem die Wohnräume des Hauses nicht ohne Schlüssel erreicht werden können. Während der Veranstaltungen waren immer XB-Kollektivmitglieder im Flur und an der Haustür, um den safer space auch im gemeinsam genutzten Flur zu gewährleisten.

Leider gab es seit dem gemeinsamen Plenum keine direkte Kommunikation mehr über Probleme zwischen dem L34-Kollektiv und dem XB. Seitdem gingen die Beschwerden und Informationen an uns offensichtlich in der Informationshierarchie des Hauses verloren. Es kam niemand mehr vom Haus zu unserem Plenum, viel mehr kamen vereinzelt Gerüchte bei uns an. Nachfragen wurden entweder gar nicht oder nur spärlich beantwortet.

In letzter Zeit sahen wir uns zunehmend mit Angriffen seitens der L34 konfrontiert. Ein gemeinsam mit dem Haus zur Kommunikation geführter Kalender wurde über Nacht entfernt; das XB-Türschloss wurde mit Sekundenkleber unbenutzbar gemacht; ein Hund einer im XB-Kollektiv aktiven Bewohnerin wurde mit Sprühfarbe im Gesicht aufgefunden; nach Äußerungen auf verschiedenen Plenen fanden Kollektivmitglieder ihre Fahrradreifen zerstochen; bei einem ursprünglich gemeinsam mit dem Haus geplanten Festival flogen aus den Fenstern des Hauses Gegenstände auf die Besucher im Hof, der im Einverständnis genutzt wurde.

Mehr dazu in unserem Hilferuf, bereits vom November 2016:

Es bestand ein FLTI*-Abend, an dem sich die aktuell im Haus Lebenden nicht beteiligt haben. Als die Person, die seit über 10 Jahren diesen Abend betrieb, am Dienstag den Infoladen öffnen wollte, wurde der Zutritt verwehrt.

Wie eine weitere ehemalige und in diesem Moment schwangere Hausbewohnerin, die nach sechs Jahren am vorherigen Samstag binnen einer Woche ohne nachhaltige Gründe aus dem Haus geworfen wurde, muß sich eine andere L34-Bewohnerin, die auch im XB-Kollektiv tätig ist, vor einer kollektiven Bestrafung in ihrem Wohnraum fürchten.

Das heißt, dass alle XB-Kollektivmitglieder unabhängig ihrer Hintergründe vor dem L34-Kollektiv mit einer Kollektivschuld belastet werden. Beim vorgenannten Fall gab es keinerlei offizielle Kommunikation und es geschah in einem Zeitraum, in dem diejenigen, die sich für sie im Haus hätten aussprechen können, vorhersehbar nicht in der Stadt waren.

So ein Vorgehen kennt Mensch doch schon von staatlich verordneten Räumungen!

Die Räumung des XB wurde durchgeführt und unterstützt von einer Vielzahl von externen Personen. Teilweise maskiert, ziemlich mackerhaft und bewusst angsteinflößend und martialisch – für alle XB-Kollektivmitglieder, unabhängig von Gender und Aufenthaltsort. Es gab keinen physischen Widerstand von unserer Seite. Am Abend positionierten sich die Akteure mit Baseballschlägern vor dem Haus, was den einschüchternden Charakter der Aktion aufrecht erhielt.

Dieses Verhalten empfinden wir als übergriffig, da es in den safer space unseres Kollektivs und einzelner Hausbewohner einschreitet und ihnen diesen gewaltsam entzieht.
Wir können deswegen nicht mehr nachvollziehen, wie das L34-Kollektiv einen safer space erhalten oder errichten möchte.

Wir müssen zugeben, dass dieser ganze Konflikt sehr schwierig auszudifferenzieren ist. Wir haben wiederholt Aufwand betrieben, die Situation zu verändern.

Die Menschen aus dem L34-Kollektiv weigerten sich förmlich zu kommunizieren. Wichtige Informationen sickerten ausschließlich über Gerüchte durch. Offizielle, schriftliche Antworten (wie eMail, SMS, etc.) existieren nicht.

Ein Kollektivmitglied, welches über zehn Jahre im Haus gewohnt hat, war dafür verantwortlich, sich um eine Verlängerung des Mietvertrages zu kümmern, bis sich dann herausstellte, dass das Haus (obgleich ohne internen Konsens) im Gegensatz zum XB gar nicht bereit für Vertagsverlängerungsverhandlungen ist. Schlimmer noch, all diejenigen, die sich für eine Verlängerung aussprachen, wurden teilweise gewaltsam aus dem Haus entfernt.

Der wesentliche Unterschied zwischen dem Selbstverständnis der L34 und dem des XB liegt darin, dass in der L34 ein separatisischer exklusiver Feminismus praktiziert wird (was erst nach einem schleichenden Strukturwechsel im Haus dort so durchgesetzt wurde), wohingegen das XB einen Feminismus vertritt, der einen inklusiven Charakter hat und alle unabhängig von Genderzugehörigkeit teilhaben lassen will.
Im Namen dieses exklusiven Feminismus wurde Gewalt ausgeübt, in die Privatsphäre von Menschen eingedrungen, Leuten aufgrund subjektiver Meinungen der Wohnraum entzogen, drei schwangere Personen auf die Straße gesetzt und ein wunderbares Projekt zerstört.

In der L34 wurden Hierarchien aufgebaut, nicht alle der momentanen Bewohnenden werden bei Diskussionen und Entscheidungen mit einbezogen. Wir als Anarchist*innen sind gegen diese Hierarchien.

Diese Aktion war von langer Hand geplant, unabhängig davon wie sehr wir uns angestrengt haben, den Gruppenkonsens beiderseits zu erfüllen.

Wie wir bereits seit langer Zeit wussten, hatte eine Gruppe von Leuten auf konspirative Weise schon am 15. Juni um 14 Uhr auf einem Geheimplenum eine Räumung des XB diskutiert.

Wir hätten uns seitdem durchaus auf eine Räumung seitens des Hauses vorbereiten können. Jedoch wollten wir zu jeder Zeit gewaltfrei und deeskalierend agieren und sind durch das positive Feedback der Hoffnung gewesen, dass das L34-Kollektiv die anfangs gezeigte Kommunikation fortführen würde, sodass eine Entwicklung stattfinden könnte. Eine Entwicklung, an deren Ende die L34-Bewohner_innen* sich wieder im XB-Kollektiv einbringen und eigene feministische Veranstaltungen organisieren, sodass wir wieder zusammenwachsen können.

Wir sind traurig, dass die Kommunikation, die früher nötig gewesen wäre, jetzt auf Indymedia stattfinden muss.

Das L34-Kollektiv hat den Hausfrieden so nachhaltig gebrochen, dass unser Vertrauensverhältnis komplett zerstört und eine Zusammenarbeit mit dem derzeitigen Hauskollektiv nicht mehr möglich ist.

Wir wünschen uns, dass die Menschen aus der L34 über ihr durchweg destruktives Verhalten reflektieren.

Das L34-Kollektiv und vereinzelte Mitglieder des R94-Kollektivs gingen nachweislich mit physischer und psychischer Gewalt vor und erwarteten von uns offensichtlich ebenso dieses Verhalten, indem sie schrieben: „Wir wissen nicht, was passieren wird oder wie das XB reagieren wird, also wissen wir nicht welche Art von Unterstützung wir brauchen. Wir fordern Solidarität!!!“

Wir wissen, welche Art der Unterstützung wir brauchen – wir laden alle ein, zu unserer nächsten Soliparty zu kommen.
Besucht dazu unseren Blog:

Für Fragen zum Konflikt oder ans Kollektiv schreibt an

Privatfehden sind scheiße, haltet zusammen, es gibt genügend Probleme!



We are experiencing a political and social attack also carried out on social media on our collective from the side of a previous collective member and their friends. These people have showed really dangerous behaviors during the last weeks that strongly undermine the basic principles on which XB is based on; these behaviors include:

1) verbal and physical attacks on guests and passersby inside and outside of XB
2) disrespect of the decisions taken in plenum on the matter
3) the discrimination of people because of their political ideas and ethnicities, exasperating the discussion on “white citizenship”
4) sexist attack on a cis-man collaborating with our collective
5) physical aggressions and threats to XB collective members
6) posting on social networks of internal communications/statements, without our consent

The XB collective member was asked several times to come to plenum to solve these problems, with discussion and confrontation. They showed up for talking only once in over two months, and continuously refused to listen to our reasons, making fun of us in really bad ways.
This is why we decided to ban the collective member from XB activities.

The last attack is going on right now: they created posts, flyers and statements saying that we are a sexist, racist, transmysoginist collective, and promised to actively boycott XB by flyering in front of XB at our events. XB doesn‘t need this, and for it to stop, we need support from outside.

We, XB collective, are convinced that whatever person is just a person: we don‘t tolerate addressing people depending on the ethnicity, gender, sexuality or political ideas. All these things should never be used to make differences between people, and mostly are not discernible things without confronting each other. We all have different backgrounds and our roots and preferences cannot for sure be assumed in this way.

XB collective, as it has always been, is an anarchist, anti-sexist, anti-racist, anti-fascist group, and XB is an open space for everyone. For keeping it a safe space as it is, we need your support. Come and participate in our evenings and events.


the answer of xb-liebig to the letter of the supporters-group ask-gerd_a from the 8`th of october 2014

----------we want to give a trigger warning,
the text contains thoughts about sexual violence and rape--------


with this paper we want to explain the different oppinions of members of the xb-collective regarding the request for a bann of the perpetrator from scherer8.

End of last year we received an e-mail from ask-gerd_a with the demand to exclude the perpetrator from scherer8 from the xb-liebig. Some people from the collective had the need to get more information about the situation, so we decided to meet with members of the support-group ask gerd_a. It`s true that we also meet with people from scherer8, but we informed the affected person and ask gerd_a about this decision and made clear that we wish to meet ask gerd_a first. We are surprised that ask gerd_a is saying now that this meeting happened without the person affected or them knowing about it.

The meeting with people from scherer8 was never about getting information to then judge if something violent happened or not. All of us respect the power of definition of the affected person. We decided to meet them because we wanted to know why the scherer8 decided to don`t exclude the perpetrator from the house and in which way he is working on his boundary crossing behavior with people from his surrounding. Not all of us agreed to this step and as ask gerd_a mentioned we don`t have a consensus about how to deal with such situations.
Because of this, below the different statements of collective-members:

„Within the next few sentences, I want to make my personal point of view regarding to the situation with the perpetrator, who lives in Scherer8 and the request from the support-group of the affected person for xb-liebig as a safe(r) space in a generell way clear. For me personally, there is no doubt about how to react as a person, with an anarchist pro-feminist self-understanding. I accept the power of definition of the person affected by sexualized violence in the sense of defining the boundary crossing/violation itself as well as the request for safe(r) spaces. I think this can`t be separated. Showing solidarity in this practical way (also from my „shitty“ privileged male position in this patriarchal society) is very important for me. I see the xb-liebig as an (pro-)feminist place. So, if I am involved in the organization of events in the xb-liebig, there won`t be a place for the perpetrator. This concerns the küfa at the first, third and fifth tuesday every month organized by RiceUp, concerts organized by Sleaze-Shows and events from Krachtigall. The perpetrator is excluded there, to try to make the xb-liebig in this case a safe(r) space for the affected person. I don`t want the affected person to limit spaces, she can visit without meeting the perpetrator. Also for me doesn‘t matter how I got informed about the incident (e.g. by accident, from the supporters-group or the affected person or however) or what the perpetrator or his supporters say. Thus I don`t have to hear the perpetrator’s or his supporters version of the incident or how to deal with the request for a safe(r) space, too. I think the statements from the xb-collectiv members should have been communicated more clearly, but we somehow messed it up and should improve it.“

„All the argumentation below is only about border crossing situations in which the perpetrators admit they crossed a boundary and want to work on it , as in this particular case, – not rape or sexual assault which is characterized by the use of threat or force -.
First of all, we do not agree with the common practice in anti-sexist spaces to not hear the side of the perpetrator. We do respect the power of definition, if someone calls something boundary crossing that means the action mentioned was indeed boundary crossing. What we do not agree on is that the persons accused are going to be expelled from our spaces and scenes generally and without being heard. Even some of the states in power today realised that it is unfair to judge someone without hearing them first. Again, this does not mean that we are against the principle of Safer Spaces. We do agree that the person affected should not have to spend time in the same space as the person crossing their boundaries and we will throw him out, if she comes here and requests us to do so. Plus we would have agreed on a permanent ban if the person affected would have been living here and could potentially have been confronted with the person crossing their boundaries every day whenever entering or leaving the house. When she is not here we will not throw him out because he admitted that he commited a boundary crossing and has shown intents to work on his behavior. This does make a significant difference to us, because we agree that someone who would react in an unregenerate way should definitely be permanently excluded from a space like XB-Liebig. Otherwise, though: where, if not in feminist, anti-sexist spaces will he be exposed to the information necessary? Moreover, we do not agree on that the power of definition includes the right do demand anything you want thereafter. For us, it does include the right to demand that the person perpetrating not be in the same spaces or carry out the same inconsensual action again. It does not include banning that person forever and in all the spaces in order to kill their social live, if they admit that they have crossed a boundary. We have not been able to come to a consent within XB-Collective though, so on some days this person will be permanently banned from XB whereas on other days he will be welcome unless the person affected or people she asked to do so will have him thrown out for the night. Furthermore, we do not agree on the way the support group AskGerd_a deals with other groups because we perceive them as dominant and incooperative.“

„i agree to the houseban, because the affected person made clear that she will not come to the xb if there is the risk to meet the perpetrator here. Also when i think that a general exclusion will not change the behavior of a person, i want that the xb is a place where people who experienced violence feel welcome and supported.
Still i don`t agree to a certain practice, where it seems to be forbidden to for example speak with the surrounding of a perpetrator. For me it depends if it`s about listening to the perpetrators version of the incident, or if it`s about asking if he respects the power of definition of the affected person and shows that he wants to work on it (i use „he“ because of the structure behind this kind of violence, not because i think only cismen are crossing boundaries). I think that it will not help us to create something like a law which says how to deal with such situations, and i want to be free to make up my mind when i receive a request for a houseban. In many situations i would probably agree without discussion, in some situations it might be that i don`t agree on a certain demand of an affected person or supporters group. What doesn`t mean that i question in the fact that something boundary crossing happened itself.“

When we were asked by ask gerd_a end of last year to give the ban for the perpetrator we had a long process of discussions in xb collective and we missed to answer in time, with details, and concrete proposal to the affected person. We are aware that with this we messed up the situation and we know that it`s a general problem in our collective and we want to improve it.

We realized that after being confronted with the open ask gerd_a’s letter, so we had another discussion and now we can offer some days where the affected person can be sure to don‘t meet the perpetrator. we have a general consensus, like we wrote above, also the people who don‘t agree with a permanent ban, will be willing to ask him to leave if it happens that they are both in xb. This is something we all share and see as basic for the collective: if there is a person in xb who experiences discriminating/violent behavior and asks us for support we are in solidarity and if needed we will kick another person out for the night without discussion. We also want to make clear, that we already decided to exclude people for longer time from the space, no one from us is in generell against giving a ban. As you see above in the statements…

In general, most of us share enough political basics that we can respect the different opinions and go on as a collective.
The women-lesbian-trans monday want to point out, that they don`t agree to certain points of this text and will clearify this in an own text.

XB-Liebig Collective.

XB reloaded

dies ist die neue offizielle seite vom XB, das seit 18 jahren existente relikt autonomer bewegung. nachdem es in den letzten jahren eher ruhig geworden ist, wuselt es im inneren ziemlich gewaltig und das kollektiv erfindet sich gerade neu. es werden ausgiebige politische und strukturelle diskussionen über das konzept geführt. desweiteren ist eine siebdruckwerkstatt angedacht und einiges mehr. was dabei nun konkret herauskommt ist noch relativ unklar; aber keine frage, das XB wird besser und spannender. schaut ab und zu hier vorbei, wir versuchen euch auf dem laufenden zu halten.

plenum: jeden 1. und 3.montag um 19:00 uhr

contact: xb[at]freak-animals[dot]org