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Sat, June 10th – 0. prototype – Speedcoreparty

[ live ]

>dr. kontra [mexico city]
_[since the late 90’s, dr. kontra combines elements of video, audio and performance art which has been characterised by the interest of human behavior, of their fears and their instincts.]

>skat injector [uk]

_[fuck the commerce. fuck the police. fuck people who feel cool cuz of bing anything]

>scanner unit
_noise_electronics_field recordings
_[with every step of the way, it feels as if we‘re coming into subtly-shifting landscapes of the imagination. everything is swelling dangerously, like it could either burst or implode at any moment.]

>krystal jesus

[ dj ]


_industrial_schranzcore_hardcore techno


_power ambient_flashcore

May 12th – 14th – Liebig Lieb‘ ick Festival