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Sun, Nov 13th – Matinee #16



We are experiencing a political and social attack also carried out on social media on our collective from the side of a previous collective member and their friends. These people have showed really dangerous behaviors during the last weeks that strongly undermine the basic principles on which XB is based on; these behaviors include:

1) verbal and physical attacks on guests and passersby inside and outside of XB
2) disrespect of the decisions taken in plenum on the matter
3) the discrimination of people because of their political ideas and ethnicities, exasperating the discussion on “white citizenship”
4) sexist attack on a cis-man collaborating with our collective
5) physical aggressions and threats to XB collective members
6) posting on social networks of internal communications/statements, without our consent

The XB collective member was asked several times to come to plenum to solve these problems, with discussion and confrontation. They showed up for talking only once in over two months, and continuously refused to listen to our reasons, making fun of us in really bad ways.
This is why we decided to ban the collective member from XB activities.

The last attack is going on right now: they created posts, flyers and statements saying that we are a sexist, racist, transmysoginist collective, and promised to actively boycott XB by flyering in front of XB at our events. XB doesn‘t need this, and for it to stop, we need support from outside.

We, XB collective, are convinced that whatever person is just a person: we don‘t tolerate addressing people depending on the ethnicity, gender, sexuality or political ideas. All these things should never be used to make differences between people, and mostly are not discernible things without confronting each other. We all have different backgrounds and our roots and preferences cannot for sure be assumed in this way.

XB collective, as it has always been, is an anarchist, anti-sexist, anti-racist, anti-fascist group, and XB is an open space for everyone. For keeping it a safe space as it is, we need your support. Come and participate in our evenings and events.