Archiv für April 2016

8.05.2016 Matinée

Start: 4 pm!!
+ vegan food by Delikatessen Küfa

7.05.2016 Soliparty


6.05.2016 HC-Punk Show

The Hammer“ (Sweden), „Thug X Life“ (Poland), „Fight Them All“ (Poland)

5.05.2016 experimental night

fine selection of experimental music:

START: 9 pm

Cheap Animals (Denmark)

Snake & Crocodile feat. Discodude (free.that.jazz)

Nanadisco (folk influenced danceable nowave from Israel)

29.04.2016 Soliparty Schlafplatzorga O-platz

29 Soliparty: Schlafplatzorga für den Oranien-Platz
Mit: Tapete, DJ Mo (Momade Saide Abdul Latifo), DJ Fred,
DJ Airdmun of Moniker Eggplant and a surprise act!

24.04.2016 Brain Distortion Night 9pm



QUI (avantgarde rock from Los Angeles)

In the past, they played together and collaborated with David Yow from Jesus Lizards, Scratch Acid… as well as Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle, Fantomas, Melvins Lite, John Zorn, etc.)
Get a taste:

SIWOMAT (noiserock / postpunk from Uruguay/Spain, based in Berlin)

The blow hits the man.
The man connects the machine.
The machine repairs the damage.

FUCHSTEUFELSWILD (nowave nogenre nojazz nopunk just pure energy from Berlin)
Teresa Riemann – drums, voice
Ottó Horváth – trombone, voice

24.04.2016 Soli-Brunch

Starts at 13.00 !
Delicious vegan brunch!!

21.04.2016 Jam Session

Open Jam session. Start: 9 pm

17.04.2016 FIDUS 9 pm

fine selection of experimental music

Michiyasu Furutani – performance
Adam Goodwin – kontrabass
Adrian Krok – drums

Teresa Riemann
piano & voice

Natalie Sandrov – voice, electronics
Els Vandeweyer – vibraphone
Rieko Okuda – key

Otto Horvath – trombone, voice
Thiebault Imm – guitar
Antti Virtaranta – kontrabass
Peter Schlewinski – drums

15.04.2016 concert 9 pm

XB Liebig and artetetra present:

MARIMBA (Das Andere Selbst)
MARIMBA is an ongoing side project by Paul Jones (Cindytalk, Mothership Convention, Stolen recordings) and Elia Buletti (Delmore fx, Das Andere Selbst). They met in Berlin on 2013 and share since then a multitude of interests and diverse influences from metaphysical bacterium to gate compression. They‘re creating instinctive natural sonic forms that evolve through improvisation and derangement of all the senses.

WJM (BURP Enterprise)
Roberta WJM Andreucci is a percussionist, an experimental producer and DJ, and on air personality. She has more than twenty year of experience organizing and promoting alternative music events. She practices plagiarism and the cutting and mixing of musical and ambiental aural sources. Early in her career she started focusing on the use of voices and on vocal metalinguism, focalizing on her personal practice of “cuttingandslicing” and on rhythm patterns obtained through an improper use of her tools of the trade (cdjs, cd player, md, me mixer). Through the years her percussion set morphed into a hybrid encompassing a dj booth, a radio dj one, a microphone station for electroacustic experiments, and a mnemonic butcher’s slab. She is a founding member of performing music units such as Jealousy Party, Semerssuaq, The Secretaries and Sistemi Audiofobici Burp. She is the director of the music label Burp Publications.

DJ MAT POGO (BURP Enterprise)
Born in Rome is a vocalist and graphic artist now resident in Berlin. In the 90’s he was one of the founder members of the Burp Enterprise collective and Jealousy Party, one of the most advanced musical units in Italy, mixing with personal touch soul, improv, avant rock, noise and error music.
In the years he developed his own language as a singer/voice-artist using his experience as a rock singer, an improviser and radio-artist where music, sounds, anecdotic and narrative elements fuse constantly.
Beside Jealousy Party other projects he’s currently involved are Pokemachine (with Anders Hana), Penates (with JD Zazie), B Unit (with JD Zazie and Peter Schlewinski), duo collaborations with Ignaz Schick, Michael Renkel, Nicolas Wiese and DJ collective Sistemi Audiofobici Burp.

Garage Olimpo! (ArteTetra)
Garage Olimpo! is the solo collective project founded by Luigi Monteanni (BABAU, Tetuan) in wich usually the form of free sound, improvisation music and of free music in general approaches different elements to combine in eerie soundscapes and ethereal compositions made of Tibetan bells, Reeds and wind instruments, throat singing, uncontrolled noises and ethnic field recordings. Strongly influenced by oriental sacred music such as Ragas and Om music and by contemporary experimental Jazz and Noise sound deconstruction Garage Olimpo! creates an anarchic and unholy rite in wich the untouchable respect for the atmospheres of Hexology fuse with theft of cattles and consorting with Beastmen.

Artetetra is a newborn DIY label from Marche, Italy founded by Matteo Pennesi and Luigi Monteanni (both members of Tetuan and Babau). The label is part of a wider project of art collective with the participation of other members. The productions in audiocassette are home crafted, from audio dubbing to packaging, for this reason the number of copies is usually limited. The artists are not chosen for the music genre but the factors that determine a production are the attitude and the aestethetics affinity.