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10-12.05. L34/ XB/ Daneben Soli Yard Fest

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09.05. Concert

07.05. Concert

26.04. Concert: Barren Womb, Autovogel, Jabba the Butt, Sadhaka


Barren Womb is minimalism performed by maximalists. It is rough, jangly hardcore played by just two people, one on skins and the other on strings. Sometimes it’s fast and intense, other times slow and pulsating. Seldom however is it quite like anything heard before, always keeping somewhat to the left of the beaten path.


The two gentlemen in Jabba the Butt have been making a hell of a racket
since 2009 with their unorthodox brand of Noise Rock. They stand as
living proof that the drums and the bass are the coolest instruments and
that you do really do not need more to make brilliantly original music.


From a remote mountain hermitage on the edge of the Cascadian wilderness, a lone seeker deeply immersed in spiritual practice listened to the forest’s voices. The grieving rain, the raging sun, the breathing wind, he let them in, and learned their songs. The result of this numinous collaboration is Terma, the debut album by Sadhaka. Featuring members of metal ritualists Fauna and dark folk band Vradiazei, Sadhaka play a style of blackened metal informed by the wildness of Cascadia, and the mystical tradition of the Vajrayana. At times haunting, at times harrowing, delicate in moments and devastatingly intense, their songs recall the work of Scandinavian pioneers Ulver and At the Gates, as well as contemporary legends Neurosis. Sadhaka’s music is an offering to the ancient ones; a vision of life expressing all that is felt, holding nothing back, and knowing in a deep and immediate way that all of existence is impermanent, sentient, and sacred.


Autovogel is a D.I.Y stonerdoom trio from Oslo formed in summer 2011, with members from the ashes of Sønderknust and they have just recorded their first album.

25.04. Soli Concert

21.04. Soli Brunch for Syrena