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26.03 På vift tour: The Kurws | 29.90 | Målgrupp + Back At Sea and Vokü

På vift tour: The Kurws | 29.90 | Målgrupp

+ Back At Sea
+ Vokü

21:00 Vokü
22:00 Concert

KURWS [Poland / Sweden]

(the) Kurws formed in May of 2008 as a spontaneous consequence of a ping-pong session, which descended underground and remains there until today. They drew on influences arising from punkrock as well as rock n’roll tradition, garage/surf, krautrock, rotten funk, no wave or the British postpunk scene. The Kurws is punk, afflicted by the postmodernist curse with all of its benefit of inventory, where things are being born out of fusion and deconstruction. From an ambition to remain fresh and organic. At the same time it’s still an ordinary garage band, which brazenly takes the risk of collective improvising without proper musicianship, quietly dismissing the embarrassment of discredit. Their debut album “Dziura w getcie” (“Hole in a ghetto”) was released overseas.

“Shades of Ex-Models, Captain Beefheart, and Weasel Walter bands. All instrumental, serious, but not pretentious, fun, but not silly. Basically, my favorite type of rock band.”
Bad Speler


Målgrupp (swedish for selected group) is not a band and it’s not a solo project or an art project. The founder is Julian Murray but the people who have been involved are various individuals who bring their own expression to the sphere of the constantly evolving collective with DIY queer punk attitude and half living instruments & electronics in a situation of a stage performance, we try to get closer to the core of exploitation, decay and precarious situation in the contemporary time. With simplicity pin it down and re-form it in to a hopeful, rhythmical cry out through industrial beats, sequencers, trumpets, delay racks and a will to express ourselves with our bodies and minds.

Fanzine-, LP- and cassette-releases, exhibitions, performances and workshops are ways in which our thoughts have been expressed since the we started 2006. The debut split album “the young ones boogie” with the swedish act Silver Arken is at the record press as we read and is suppose to be released in early 2013 on the label “Alltid hela tiden”, and 2 cassettes on the labels “på månen” and “flacon”.

29:90 [Sweden]

29:90 (Stockholm) invites you to their intimate world where they try to tame their instruments in dark and joyful play. The music is a rough sounding machine like rhythm where african bells and tomtom drums bounces on top of high pitched voices with live dubbing, singing babbles, lalas and songs about school bullying, compulsive behavior and the texture of an abusive tongue. This is Lotti Solovitsky and Nini Maakestads form of expression. From the moment Nini and Lotti decided to make music together spring 2012 they got so eager that they took their first chance to get started, a small room they had access to from 9 in mornings til noon. The world of expressions brought them together and grew stronger during early morning rehearsals before work.

Influences among others are Jun Togawa, Cold Wave, DIY and Avant-garde music from the late 70’s and 80’s. Their first gig was in the autumn 2012 supporting Italian duo Trouble V’s Glue for club Mother in Stockholm and they released a cassette that same night. This year they plan record and release a full length LP.

+ guest:
Back at Sea [Germany]

Back at Sea is a Hardcore band located in Gießen, Germany, founded early 2010. The main concept was to create a versatile sound beyond genre-borders.

In September 2011, they released their first EP called “Forecast the Storm”. After several self-planned tours in 2011 and 2012, they have played Germany, the UK, France, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg without being represented by a record label.
In the fall of 2012, they started to write their second EP called „Monochrome“, which will be released February 1st 2013.

Plus from 21:00 amazing Tuesday Vokü!

24.03. Gaming Brunch

Another month, another brunch in XB!

This time we invite you to games afternoon.
Come to eat special vegan treats and bring table games with you – or take one from the bar.
Puzzle counts in as well ;)

13:00 Uhr

23.03. Concert + Voku

20.00 Uhr: super lecker vegan voku
21.00-22.00 Uhr: Konzert mit
„Hexis“ (HC Black Metal aus Dänemark)
„Eglise“ (HC Metal aus Dänemark)
„By The Patient“ (Death Black Metal aus Dänemark)
+ Support.

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