XB is looking for new people to join us!

XB-Liebig is looking for new people to join the collective!

If you have some spare time to help with existing projects, creative ideas for regular (or irregular) events – come to our plenum (Mondays 19:00) or send an email (xb [at] riseup.net) and share it with us!

Hope to see you soon!

1 Antwort auf “XB is looking for new people to join us!”

  1. 1 maria 15. September 2012 um 10:10 Uhr

    I have some spare time and i would love to be involve in some actions according to squat statement. I live in Berlin for three months now, we came here with my partner Maciek from Poland to look for more open social environment. Since Im transsexual woman its hard to exist in Polish mentality and order of being. So my point would be that Im master of arts, also i specialize in feminist/gender studies, so I have a lot of experience in sexuality matter in theory. If you have any ideas how to use my knowledge do hesitate to contact me. Cheers

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