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AntiRa Abend mit Solikonzert

23.05.2012 [Wednesday]

Antirassistischer Abend presents:

Super spezial vegane Vokü und Solikonzert:
„No White Rag“ (Protestpunkrockers from Italy) und „The Feminists“ (Sexy Rock‘n'Roll Freaks aus Berlin).

No Racism, no sexism, no homophobia!

Beginn pünktlich.

This week in XB

09.05.2012, 21:00

Women in Mexico

Movie „Señorita Extraviada“ (Lourdes Portillo, 2001). The figures on women getting assasinated are significantly higher in Ciudad Juárez, a city on the border to the United States, than in any other part of Mexico. While officially not only the mexican police but even their colleagues on the other side of the border are investigating, the statistics of the last few years showed that it is likely that not only the above mentioned but a wide range of politicians, heads of the drug mafia and of corporations seem to be actively taking part in this scandal.

Movie screened in Spanish with English with Vokü at 9pm.

10.05.2012, 19:30

Polnischer Abend – Proszę państwa, pierogi!

Probably for the first, but definitely not the last time in XB Liebig you will have a chance to try Polish Voku: different types of famous, one and only, homemade pierogi; check what’s new in music scene from just across the border, have a shot of mysterious Zubrowka and after all that – watch one of the best example of Polish cinematography.

19.30 Vokü: vegan and vegetarian pierogi, 21.00 Uhr Film.