02.11. Krachtigall & Rombanka!


Miraho [Antifascist Rap / Skunkheads/Rhymes Of Resistance / Tychy, PL]

Krachtigall [Elektronische Tanzmusik / Berlin]
Rombanka Soundsystem [Breakcore / Szczecin, PL]

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01.11. Concert / Soli

01.11.2013 [Friday]

The Stubs

Wild Books


Liebigstrasse 34

Entrance: donation

Part of the raised money will go to Foundation 2Plus4,
helping homeless animals in Poland.

Come and support!

30.09. L34 Soli Concert with MIRAŻ and NERVOUS NERDS

100% girl punk with political lyrics / Poland

nerdcorepunk / Berlin

30.09.2013 [Monday]
Liebigstrasse 34, Berlin

05.09. Concert

24.08. L-Praxis Soli Party

21.08. Concert

28.07. Concert

31.07. Concert

04.06. ZAD Info-Abend

Vokü: 19.00 Uhr
Presentation: 20.00 Uhr

Come learn more, see some pictures and videos and discuss with others.

10-12.05. L34/ XB/ Daneben Soli Yard Fest

More info: liebig34.blogsport.de

09.05. Concert

07.05. Concert

26.04. Concert: Barren Womb, Autovogel, Jabba the Butt, Sadhaka


Barren Womb is minimalism performed by maximalists. It is rough, jangly hardcore played by just two people, one on skins and the other on strings. Sometimes it’s fast and intense, other times slow and pulsating. Seldom however is it quite like anything heard before, always keeping somewhat to the left of the beaten path.



The two gentlemen in Jabba the Butt have been making a hell of a racket
since 2009 with their unorthodox brand of Noise Rock. They stand as
living proof that the drums and the bass are the coolest instruments and
that you do really do not need more to make brilliantly original music.



From a remote mountain hermitage on the edge of the Cascadian wilderness, a lone seeker deeply immersed in spiritual practice listened to the forest’s voices. The grieving rain, the raging sun, the breathing wind, he let them in, and learned their songs. The result of this numinous collaboration is Terma, the debut album by Sadhaka. Featuring members of metal ritualists Fauna and dark folk band Vradiazei, Sadhaka play a style of blackened metal informed by the wildness of Cascadia, and the mystical tradition of the Vajrayana. At times haunting, at times harrowing, delicate in moments and devastatingly intense, their songs recall the work of Scandinavian pioneers Ulver and At the Gates, as well as contemporary legends Neurosis. Sadhaka’s music is an offering to the ancient ones; a vision of life expressing all that is felt, holding nothing back, and knowing in a deep and immediate way that all of existence is impermanent, sentient, and sacred.



Autovogel is a D.I.Y stonerdoom trio from Oslo formed in summer 2011, with members from the ashes of Sønderknust and they have just recorded their first album.


25.04. Soli Concert

21.04. Soli Brunch for Syrena

26.03 På vift tour: The Kurws | 29.90 | Målgrupp + Back At Sea and Vokü

På vift tour: The Kurws | 29.90 | Målgrupp

+ Back At Sea
+ Vokü

21:00 Vokü
22:00 Concert

KURWS [Poland / Sweden]

(the) Kurws formed in May of 2008 as a spontaneous consequence of a ping-pong session, which descended underground and remains there until today. They drew on influences arising from punkrock as well as rock n’roll tradition, garage/surf, krautrock, rotten funk, no wave or the British postpunk scene. The Kurws is punk, afflicted by the postmodernist curse with all of its benefit of inventory, where things are being born out of fusion and deconstruction. From an ambition to remain fresh and organic. At the same time it’s still an ordinary garage band, which brazenly takes the risk of collective improvising without proper musicianship, quietly dismissing the embarrassment of discredit. Their debut album “Dziura w getcie” (“Hole in a ghetto”) was released overseas.

“Shades of Ex-Models, Captain Beefheart, and Weasel Walter bands. All instrumental, serious, but not pretentious, fun, but not silly. Basically, my favorite type of rock band.”
Bad Speler


Målgrupp (swedish for selected group) is not a band and it’s not a solo project or an art project. The founder is Julian Murray but the people who have been involved are various individuals who bring their own expression to the sphere of the constantly evolving collective with DIY queer punk attitude and half living instruments & electronics in a situation of a stage performance, we try to get closer to the core of exploitation, decay and precarious situation in the contemporary time. With simplicity pin it down and re-form it in to a hopeful, rhythmical cry out through industrial beats, sequencers, trumpets, delay racks and a will to express ourselves with our bodies and minds.

Fanzine-, LP- and cassette-releases, exhibitions, performances and workshops are ways in which our thoughts have been expressed since the we started 2006. The debut split album “the young ones boogie” with the swedish act Silver Arken is at the record press as we read and is suppose to be released in early 2013 on the label “Alltid hela tiden”, and 2 cassettes on the labels “på månen” and “flacon”.

29:90 [Sweden]

29:90 (Stockholm) invites you to their intimate world where they try to tame their instruments in dark and joyful play. The music is a rough sounding machine like rhythm where african bells and tomtom drums bounces on top of high pitched voices with live dubbing, singing babbles, lalas and songs about school bullying, compulsive behavior and the texture of an abusive tongue. This is Lotti Solovitsky and Nini Maakestads form of expression. From the moment Nini and Lotti decided to make music together spring 2012 they got so eager that they took their first chance to get started, a small room they had access to from 9 in mornings til noon. The world of expressions brought them together and grew stronger during early morning rehearsals before work.

Influences among others are Jun Togawa, Cold Wave, DIY and Avant-garde music from the late 70’s and 80’s. Their first gig was in the autumn 2012 supporting Italian duo Trouble V’s Glue for club Mother in Stockholm and they released a cassette that same night. This year they plan record and release a full length LP.

+ guest:
Back at Sea [Germany]

Back at Sea is a Hardcore band located in Gießen, Germany, founded early 2010. The main concept was to create a versatile sound beyond genre-borders.

In September 2011, they released their first EP called “Forecast the Storm”. After several self-planned tours in 2011 and 2012, they have played Germany, the UK, France, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg without being represented by a record label.
In the fall of 2012, they started to write their second EP called „Monochrome“, which will be released February 1st 2013.

Plus from 21:00 amazing Tuesday Vokü!

24.03. Gaming Brunch

Another month, another brunch in XB!

This time we invite you to games afternoon.
Come to eat special vegan treats and bring table games with you – or take one from the bar.
Puzzle counts in as well ;)

13:00 Uhr

23.03. Concert + Voku

20.00 Uhr: super lecker vegan voku
21.00-22.00 Uhr: Konzert mit
„Hexis“ (HC Black Metal aus Dänemark)
„Eglise“ (HC Metal aus Dänemark)
„By The Patient“ (Death Black Metal aus Dänemark)
+ Support.

Eintritt: Spende.

08.03. Concert + Voku


22:30 Concert:

Pride And Ego Down (Punk, Hardcore, Screamo aus Köln)
Nervöus (Hardcore, Punkrock, Screamo aus Berlin)

21:00 Voku

02.03. Concert and Voku

21.00 Uhr: Soli-Vokü

22.00 Uhr: Konzert mit

„Drowning in preconception“ (Rough HC aus Wetzlar),
„Second Of Peace“ (in ya face HC Punk aus Köln),
„Do it Together“ (Hardcore aus Berlin).

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20.02. AntiRa Voku & Concert

17.02. Brunch + Swap Party

Bring things you don‘t need anymore and find something you really, really want at XB-Liebig’s first Swap Party!

Swap is money-free exchange of clothes, accessories and any other smaller/bigger stuff.

Plus – amazing vegan brunch from 13.00 Uhr with lots of sweet treats.

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24.02. Concert – Mr Protector & Stereozor

21:00 Uhr

Mr Protector / France

Stereozor / France

+ support

14-15.02. Concert weekend in February

11.02. N.I.C.H.T.S! 2.0 + PISS + CERTAIN DEATH


N.I.C.H.T.S! 2.0 – punk/electro/indie – Augsburg

PISS – raw hc/punk – Berlin

CERTAIN DEATH – noise/guitar/voice – (Sean from HOAX and SQRM) – USA

Soli-Konzert für Hausprojekt CKN 13 aus Gliwice/Polen.

Open to all genders!

Squatting Rome. „join the rebel side“

XB Liebig

Info veranstaltung auf english ueber Aktuell voelker bewegung ins Rome, Italien

Thanks to the students and workers movement since the end of 2008 Rome started again to resist and fight actual italian political crisis, this year is
the final explosion, with an avarage of 20 direct actions per month. Hospital, houses, schools, university being squatted, searching through
self organization to continue their work independently from the state. Also strong the eco environmental movement that is fight for a better
recycling system, to preserve water as public domain, against nuclear power and waste incinerators…
Rome is one of the mostly squatted city in europe, but the movement had always problems to coordinate itself due to the ideological difference
between the groups, finally something is bringing the people together…

and we all knows :

Squatting Rome
„join the rebel side“
29 Januar 2013

@XB Liebig
Liebig strasse 34, 10247, Berlin

20:oo Vegan voku
21:00 Discussion with photos and videos, the speech of a riot girl
from the OPS (Occupazioni Precari e Studenti == Precarious workers and Students Squat)

see u there or on the barricades…

Grazie agli studenti e lavoratori romani dal 2008 la capitale ricomincia a resistere e lottare con una nuova forza contro la crisi politica italiana, quest‘anno l‘esplosione finale con una media di 15 azioni dirette al mese.

Ospedali, case, scuole, università, vengono occupate nel tentativo di continuare il proprio lavoro indipendentemente dallo stato attraverso l‘autorganizzazione.

Molto forte è anche il movimento ecologista che sta lottando per l‘attuazione di un sistema di riciclaggio della mondezza ecosostenibile, cerca di mantenere l‘acqua pubblica come bene comune, contro energia nucleare ed inceneritori.

Roma è una delle città con + alto numero di occupazioni in europa, ma il movimento ha sempre avuto problemi a coordinarsi data la grande differenza ideologica tra i diversi gruppi, finalmente qualcosa sta cambiando, portando le persone a collaborare insieme…
e come tutti sappiamo:

29 Gennaio 2013
20:00 cena sociale vegana
21:00 Discussione accompagnata da materiale audio video foto. A parlare con noi avremo un‘attivista di OPS (Occupazioni Precari e Studenti)

ci trovate @
XB Liebig
Liebig strasse 34, 10247, Berlin
… o sulle barricate

12/01 Concert – Support XB

XB is looking for new people to join us!

XB-Liebig is looking for new people to join the collective!

If you have some spare time to help with existing projects, creative ideas for regular (or irregular) events – come to our plenum (Mondays 19:00) or send an email (xb [at] riseup.net) and share it with us!

Hope to see you soon!

Rock ‚n‘ Roll on the loose! vol. 4 – Soliparty


„Rock ‚n‘ Roll on the loose!“

Die legendäre Rock‘n'Roll-Soliparty Vol. 4,
dieses Mal wegen Repressionskosten.

Starring Rock‘n'Roll, Rockabilly, Oldies 50s, Psychobilly.

Mit leckeren veganen Milkshakes, Longdrinks, Shots und Videos from the fabolous 50s.

Dress up 50s.

Strictly Antisexist!

This week in XB

Monday 18.06.

Film: „Cruel and unusal“ – about transwomen in us-male prisons.

Tuesday 19.06.


Wednesday 20.06.

Vokü + Diskussion

20.00 Uhr Antira-Vokü

21.00 Uhr: Culture of political resistance in contemporary Iran

Join us for a discussion about how to face the challenges, struggles and controversies of Iran. Why should we stand against the racist ideology and propaganda of the state by exploring the face of the faceless in Iran. What are the challenges of supporting the struggle for human rights and justice in Iran ? Why should we question the legitimacy of representations of Iran in the educational system and in the medias.

Thursday 21.06.

Polnischer Abend vol.2

Second edition of Polish Evening.

21.00 Uhr Vokü: Tomato Soup and one and only Racuchy.
22.30 Uhr Film.

Sunday 24.06.

Vokü + Film
„Dead Man“ (1995, R.: J. Jarmusch)

AntiRa Abend mit Solikonzert

23.05.2012 [Wednesday]

Antirassistischer Abend presents:

Super spezial vegane Vokü und Solikonzert:
„No White Rag“ (Protestpunkrockers from Italy) und „The Feminists“ (Sexy Rock‘n'Roll Freaks aus Berlin).

No Racism, no sexism, no homophobia!

Beginn pünktlich.

This week in XB

09.05.2012, 21:00

Women in Mexico

Movie „Señorita Extraviada“ (Lourdes Portillo, 2001). The figures on women getting assasinated are significantly higher in Ciudad Juárez, a city on the border to the United States, than in any other part of Mexico. While officially not only the mexican police but even their colleagues on the other side of the border are investigating, the statistics of the last few years showed that it is likely that not only the above mentioned but a wide range of politicians, heads of the drug mafia and of corporations seem to be actively taking part in this scandal.

Movie screened in Spanish with English with Vokü at 9pm.

10.05.2012, 19:30

Polnischer Abend – Proszę państwa, pierogi!

Probably for the first, but definitely not the last time in XB Liebig you will have a chance to try Polish Voku: different types of famous, one and only, homemade pierogi; check what’s new in music scene from just across the border, have a shot of mysterious Zubrowka and after all that – watch one of the best example of Polish cinematography.

19.30 Vokü: vegan and vegetarian pierogi, 21.00 Uhr Film.

Brunch + Swap Party on 17th Feb!

Bring things you don‘t need anymore and find something you really, really want at XB-Liebig’s first Swap Party.
Exchange of clothes, accessories and any other smaller/bigger stuff.

Plus – amazing vegan brunch from 13.00 Uhr with lots of sweet treats.

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